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Thanks for visiting my portfolio! Now, if you enjoy my work, you can purchase access to even more photos, and even behind the scenes content and previews of upcoming, not-yet-edited photo sets. There are two ways to do this:

1. Purchase and redeem Photo Set Credits. First, decide which "Edited" and "Raw" photo sets you'd like access to. Then, come to this page, click the photo at the bottom of the page, and buy as many "credits" as you like. If you have't done so already, create a personal account -- this is important. You can include a message with your purchase, letting me know which sets you'd like access to; or send me an e-mail later at

2. Subscribe through my Patreon page, Through Patreon, you can sign up to receive credits on a recurring, monthly basis. In addition, at higher pledge levels, you'll also get exclusive access to two additional sets of photos: Behind the Scenes images and Raw Previews.

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Edited Sets: These sets include my best edited photos from each photo session--usually about 25-30% of the total.Raw Sets: These sets include the remaining photos not included in my "edited" sets, often totaling hundreds of images.Behind the Scenes: Support my art through Patreon, and you'll get full access to outtakes, candids, videos, and stories from all of my photo sets.Raw Preview: Support my art through Patreon, and you'll receive preview access to unedited, raw images as soon as they're downloaded from my camera!