"Sensuality likes to make love at the border where time and space change places. When she is considering a potential lover, she takes him to the ocean and watches. Does he dance with the waves? Does he tell her about the time he slept on the beach when he was seventeen and woke up in the middle of the night to look at the moon? Does he laugh and cry and notice how big the sky is?"

- J. Ruth Gendler

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Sensualight Photography offers unique, high quality figurative art suitable for display in your bedroom or your living room.
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Sensualight Photography is dedicated to creating unique, artistic and high quality photography that celebrates the full diversity of human sensuality. My photos are available to purchase in a variety of sizes and styles, and suitable for display in your bedroom or your living room.

Check out my blog and exhibitions pages for more examples of my work, which has won awards worldwide and been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. Follow me on Facebook, Flickr, InstagramModel Mayhem, and Twitter.

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