SensuaLight Photography | June 16 public nudes: Fremont Solstice Festival
Created 12-Apr-18
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Note: These photos are for reference only, as examples of the kinds of photographs I wish to create.
Project: I'll be attending the Fremont Solstice Festival on June 16, particularly to photograph the bodypainted Solstice Riders at the beginning of the parade. If you're local, you surely already know about this event; if you'll be visiting, check out the official website to learn about this remarkable opportunity for artistic public nudity. If you're interested in working with me, I propose two options (not mutually exclusive): First, if you'd like to participate in the ride, I'll come along and photograph your preparation and participation. Second, the relaxed attitude toward artistic nudity on the Festival day also offers a unique opportunity to do some nude photography around town. Discretion is still necessary, I'd love to do some quick photography at local landmarks like the "Waiting for the Interurban" sculpture, the statue of Lenin, or the Fremont Troll. Figure photography at Gasworks Park, on the shore of Lake Union, is even more plausible, because after the ride the park will literally be filled with naked and semi-naked individuals. If you have skills like dance, yoga, acroyoga, acrobatics, fire play, or the like, this is a great opportunity to show it off as well.
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Gasworks ParkGasworks ParkStatue of LeninWaiting for the InterurbanThe Fremont TrollGasworks ParkThe Fremont TrollGasworks ParkGasworks ParkGasworks ParkGasworks ParkAt Gasworks Park

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