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This page is intended as a preview of the projects I have in mind for 2018. Not all of these projects may actually happen, and most of them are flexible in their actual timing. Please visit each photo set for more information about each project.
Most of these photos are downloaded from the Internet and are not my own photos. They are intended only for reference, as examples of the images I wish to create or as descriptions of the locations I wish to shoot.
Unless indicated otherwise at the individual pages, I am actively recruiting models for each of these projects. Note that my work is primarily figurative, including full or partial nudity. My best work occurs when models are both figurative and sensual. Come prepared to show your wild side!
If you are interested in working TFP (trade for photos), please let me know--I enjoy working collaboratively, and my personal interpretation of TFP is to provide you, the model, with copies of every photo made in the photo shoot, with full and equal rights to edit and publish those images. This will be reflected in the Model Release. I also have no problem paying a model for her time and creative energy, so when you contact me, just let me know your modeling rates.
To see examples of my existing work, please visit my portfolio. I have eight years of experience doing figure photography semi-professionally, and my work has been exhibited in shows all over the country.
Most of my work is with female-identified models or with couples, although I am willing to consider male models on some projects. I actively seek diversity among the models I work with, including age, race, body type, sexual identity, and level of experience as a model.
If you'd like to be considered as a model for any project, please contact me by e-mail. I am also open to project proposals of your own, so if you have a great idea, hit me up! Thanks for your consideration,
SensuaLight Photography
Ongoing: Unique StoriesOngoing: CouplesApril Photoshoot: Baking BreadApril 28: Meet me at the Seattle Erotic Art FestivalMay figure photography: Melmont Ghost TownMay figure photography: Little Mashel FallsLate May wilderness figure photography: Ohanapecosh and Stafford FallsJune rainy/foggy day figure photography: Panther Creek BurnJune 16 public nudes: Fremont Solstice FestivalJune 24: Meet me at the Seattle PrideFestJuly/August figure photography: Pinnacle Peak SaddleLate July figure photography: Mazama RidgeLate July/Early August figure, erotic, and/or bondage photography: Shriner Peak Fire LookoutLate July/Early August figure photography: Olympic National Park BeachesAugust wilderness figure photography: Paradise Glacier TrailAugust/September: Wilderness ShibariSeptember wilderness figure photography: Crystal LakesSeptember wilderness figure photography/nude hike: Granite LakeSeptember wilderness figure photography: Tatoosh LakesSeptember/October wilderness figure photography: Grand Park