Sensualight Photography: Blog en-us (C) Sensualight Photography (Sensualight Photography) Wed, 23 Feb 2022 22:23:00 GMT Wed, 23 Feb 2022 22:23:00 GMT Sensualight Photography: Blog 90 120 Awards and Acceptances: Magic Life International Salon Six of my photos have been accepted at the Magic Life International Contest of Art Photography in Yeni┼čehir-Mersin, Turkey, a Photographic Society salon (2022-42); and three of them have won awards! The contest closed January 30, 2022 and exhibitions will be on March 25.

Winning awards:

Dance in the Light (2016)Dance in the Light (2016)
"Dance in the Light" (Shadows and Silhouettes PIDC)
PSA Gold Medal
Dominique Zuniga, Valley of Fire, March 2016

Asunder (2018)Asunder (2018)
"Asunder" (Open Monochrome PIDM)
Club Gold Medal
Queen Dandelion, Rialto Beach, July 2018

Tristen DrapedTristen Draped
"Tristen Draped" (Woman PIDC)
Club Silver Medal
Tristen, Seattle, October 2010

The latter photo is making its public exhibition debut--not a bad start to win a medal on its first try, especially given that it's an image from my very first studio nude photoshoot way back in October of 2010, as part of a meetup group in Seattle!

Also accepted:

Vantage (2016)Vantage (2016)
"Vantage" (Open Monochrome PIDM)
Dominique Zuniga, Valley of Fire, March 2016

Diane (2012)Diane (2012)
"Diane" (Woman PIDC)
Diane, Seattle, September 2012

Framed by Light II (2016)Framed by Light II (2016)
"Framed by Light II"
Thatonekatt, Amanda Park, July 2016

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Contest entry: Legends of Future salon I've submitted ten photos to the Photographic Society contest "Legends of Future" (PSA 2022-92) in Bangladesh, closing February 21, 2022. Results are to be announced March 28.

See my complete entry here.

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Contest entry: Black and White Spider Awards I've submitted two photos for the Black & White Spider Awards. I submitted them early, for the 2-for-1 deadline of 2/4/22. The final deadline is 4/29/22. Winners and nominees are not announced until 11/5/22!

My complete entry can be seen here.

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