New photos! DianaJean at Green Lake Park, May 2020

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I've just finished a new photo set of DianaJean, made at Green Lake Park in Seattle in May 2020! Yes, yes, that's two years ago, hard to believe. But I've said this many times -- I'm way behind on my editing, especially for paid photo shoots. (I prioritize TFP photo shoots because, unlike paid shoots, the photos are the payment in those cases.) I'm glad to finally get this one done, especially since it's such a great set of photos!

This was at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and as summer was coming on everyone was hoping that people could congregate relatively safely in an open air park setting. And we were all hoping that the pandemic was winding down anyway. Well, the first of those turned out to be true if not the second!

Here's a selection of images for the blog, and a link to more:

DianaJean, Green Lake Park, May 2020 DianaJean, Green Lake Park, May 2020 DianaJean, Green Lake Park, May 2020 DianaJean, Green Lake Park, May 2020 DianaJean, Green Lake Park, May 2020 DianaJean, Green Lake Park, May 2020 DianaJean, Green Lake Park, May 2020

Diana suggested we shoot at Green Lake Park, which surprised me a bit because of how public it is, and especially when I arrived early to walk around the lake and preview possible places to shoot. There was a lot of people! But Diana was unphased. "I walked around the lake topless once and no one cared," she said. (Which is as it should be. Topfreedom for all genders!)

Then I was doubly surprised when she suggested that we start our first set in the alleys of her own neighborhood. Not exactly a private location! But I love working with models who are comfortable in their own bodies. And nudity is legal in Seattle, after all, so long as it's not lewd or obscene, which makes the city more sensible than Instagram, for example. So we shot by a cool garage and a neighbor's garden (behind the scenes image above, we have a good time!) before heading down to the lake.

We shot at several locations along the lake, too, climbing among the willows on the shore, wading in the water. I loved the arching trunks, branches and leaves, and the blues and greens. We were ten feet off the trail, by the way, and no one cared that we were shooting nude photos, except for one child, maybe six, who wanted to play in the water where we were shooting, but her mother told her to be patient till we were done. One young woman passing by commented on how beautiful Diana was. (She is.)

At the very end, Diana was wading in the lake when a family of ducks swam by. That was especially cool!

So enjoy all the new photos! And here's a bonus for those of you reading this blog: a link to not just my top ten, but my top hundred from this photo shoot! They're too good not to share with you! Use the password "SpecialAccess".



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