Photo and hiking goals for summer 2022

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Looking forward to the rest of this summer, here are some of the places I already have plans for photography with models.

Moraine Trail
First up is the Paradise Moraine Trail (if it ever melts out!), a wild and seldom-visited trail despite being in one of the most popular areas of the park. I hope to do an evening photo shoot here with Kyle Corcoran.

Eunice Lake

Later in the summer, Ronin and I are hoping to do a "Lady of the Lake" photo shoot in the emerald waters of Eunice Lake.

Mt. Fremont

Finally -- a night-time shoot with Katlyn Lacoste at Mt. Fremont. We hope to find a place private enough to shoot figure photos against the backdrop of Mount Rainier and the Milky Way Galaxy. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!

Next -- some places where I don't currently have a model scheduled, but which are on my wish list. If you're a model and would like to make art in one of these places, let me know! Note that I don't have the means to pay large amounts for a model's time hiking in to these places, many of which are remote and require hours to reach, round trip; however, I will absolutely pay good rates for the modeling itself once we get there, and can contribute nominal amounts in addition for gas.

Mazama Ridge

Top of the list: Mazama Ridge, ideally a sunrise or sunset photo shoot in the first half of August when wildflowers are at their peak. This spot takes about 45-60 minutes to get to each direction, on a steep trail and then some easier cross-country trekking.

Ice Caves Trail

A bit further up the trail is a seasonal pond where I've photographed before. A stunning location--less of a priority because I've shot there before, but I certainly wouldn't mind doing so again.

Spray Park

Sometime in September, date yet to be determined, I'll be in the vicinity of Mowich Lake on other business. It would take 1-2 hours (each way) from that point to hike up into Spray Park, where there are numerous stunningly beautiful places for photography. I made this photo last year at this same time of year.

Grand Park

I want to get up into Grand Park this summer as well. The view across this flat meadow is expansive and gorgeous, with wildflowers in early summer (along with bugs, usually) and fall colors in September (and fewer bugs). Takes an hour or two to get to the best places.

Pinnacle Peak

This one's definitely an autumn option. I took this picture at the end of September on Pinnacle Peak. The colors are unbelievable. So many great options for photographing models. And only an hour up the trail (though steep).

Van Trump Park Indian Henry's Hunting Ground Owyhigh Lakes Suntop Lookout

Less of a priority for me this year, but if someone particularly wanted to shoot here, I wouldn't turn down the opportunity, and the photos would be fantastic! The first image is Van Trump Park, about 2 hours up the trail; the second is Indian Henry's Hunting Ground, about 2.5 hours up the trail; and the third is Owyhigh Lakes, photo from last October but even more beautiful in better weather, and about an hour and a half up the trail. The final photo is Suntop Lookout, just half an hour up a steep trail.

Crystal Lakes Dewey Lake Sheep Lake Goat Lake Lakes Trail Grotto Falls

In addition to photography, one of my great passions is swimming in wilderness lakes. Specifically, skinny dipping -- I believe strongly that swimsuits have no place in the wilderness. It makes a great motivation for a hike, to look forward to a natural swim at the end! These are some of my goals for this summer, and if anyone wants to come along and swim too, I'd love having a hiking partner! From the top, these are Crystal Lakes, Dewey Lake, Sheep Lake, Goat Lake, an unnamed lake along the Lakes Trail, and an unnamed waterfall that I call Grotto Falls, the location of which I will not reveal but to which I would be happy to serve as a guide! Hiking times range from 10 minutes (Grotto Falls) to two and a half hours (Goat Lake).

Deadwood Lakes Sheepskull Gap

Lastly, I have several friends who enjoy shibari rope bondage. It's powerful and beautiful to photograph, and/or to participate in. Here are a couple of great locations I know, where such art can be created in private but with stunning views in the general vicinity of Chinook Pass.

I'm looking forward to making some amazing art this summer, and enjoying some magnificent wilderness locations along the way. if you're interested in joining me, as a model and/or a hiking companion, please, reach out -- I'd love to hear from you!


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