A blue ribbon, out of the blue

September 17, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Early this week, I got an email, out of the blue, from the Washington State Fair:

Greetings! I have a 1st place ribbon from the 2019 Photo Exhibition for your entry in the Places & Travel division. You are welcome to come pick it up by September 25 (last day of current Fair) at the administration office. All ribbons will be discarded on September 26 if not claimed. Hope to see you soon!

Well, that's fun! I knew I'd won all those ribbons three years ago, but had completely forgotten that I hadn't actually received them. So, later in the week I was in the area and stopped by.

Here's my new hardware--a blue ribbon for first place in the Places and Travel division, with my photo "January Night at the Wall"; as well as 3 (three!) Judge's Choice photos: "Fire Finder," "Schoolhouse Island," and "Forest Dawn" (in the Cell Phone category!). The judges really liked my photos three years ago! Unfortunately they also showed my photos in a poorly-lit room and put numerous dings in my prints. I haven't been that inclined to re-enter. Maybe next year. Winning ribbons is pretty nice...

January Night at the Wall (PT-Places and Trave) (First Place)January Night at the Wall (PT-Places and Trave) (First Place)Monuments
6I8A0744 (07-25-2016)
Washington DC

2021-11-29 Clickerz International Salon (Photo Travel PTD), Kolkata, India: Accepted
Fire Finder (WA-Around Washington) (Judge's Choice)Fire Finder (WA-Around Washington) (Judge's Choice) Island in the Mist (WA-Around Washington) (Judge's Choice)Island in the Mist (WA-Around Washington) (Judge's Choice) Forest Dawn (CEP-Cell Phone Photography) (Judge's Choice)Forest Dawn (CEP-Cell Phone Photography) (Judge's Choice)


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