Four new salons

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Entered four new PSA-affiliated salons this evening. Not much special to report about them, but here are some highlights!

1. Montenegro Circuit, in Montenegro: four judgings, in which I entered the Open Color and Open Monochrome categories. This actually the second year I've entered the Montenegro Circuit. Last year (and in previous years) they had a "nude" category, but not this year. Curious. I've included one photo that hasn't been entered into anything previously: "Bare in the Clouds," with Bunny Luna on Pinnacle Peak in July 2019.

Bare in the Clouds (Open Monochrome PIDM)Bare in the Clouds (Open Monochrome PIDM)

2. Photo Story Macedonia, in North Macedonia, in which I entered the Open Monochrome, Open Color, and Women categories. My entry included two photos never entered before: "Glass Houses," in the Open Color category, and "A shoulder to lean on," in the Women category, featuring thatonekatt and DianaJean in Amanda Park in July 2016.

Glass Houses (Open Color PIDC)Glass Houses (Open Color PIDC) A shoulder to lean on (Women PIDC)A shoulder to lean on (Women PIDC)

3. CAS Photo Academy in India, in which I entered the Monochrome Open, Colour Open, Travel, and Face & Body categories. New entries included are "Dance for the Earth," in the Monochrome category, featuring Haven Model at Mount Rainier in August 2018; "Kat on a mossy rock," in the Colour category, featuring Katlyn Lacoste at Ohanapecosh in March of this year; "Esmeralda and Golden" and "Wellspring in the snow," in the Travel category; "Feral," in the Face & Body category, featuring Stella Velvet on the Huckleberry Creek Trail in October 2015; and "Refuge," in the same category, featuring CrystalHolmes at La Piedra Beach in California in August 2019. This salon should be interesting, because they offer a "Best Nude" medal in the Monochrome category.

Dance for the Earth (Monochrome Open PIDM)Dance for the Earth (Monochrome Open PIDM) Kat on a Mossy Rock (Colour Open PIDC)Kat on a Mossy Rock (Colour Open PIDC) Esmeralda and Golden (Travel PTD)Esmeralda and Golden (Travel PTD) Wellspring in the Snow (Travel PTD)Wellspring in the Snow (Travel PTD) Feral (Face and Body PIDC)Feral (Face and Body PIDC) Refuge (Face and Body PIDC)Refuge (Face and Body PIDC)

4. Zodiac Circuit in India, in which I entered the Colour and Monochrome categories. This includes the photos "Queen of the House" in the Colour category, and "Survivor" in the Monochrome category, featuring Traci Banks in Seattle in April 2013.

Queen of the house (Colour PIDC)Queen of the house (Colour PIDC)Queen Skunk oversees her domain from her perch at the edge of the room. Her photographers fussed over her, taking photo after photo, adjusting lights and camera angles, before finally stumbling on the perfect angle for her closeup. But of course -- what could be more perfect than a shot looking up at her highness looking down from her throne! This image is featured on my photo blog, ( ) , on February 15, 2012. (IMG_9443_1) Survivor (Monochrome PIDM)Survivor (Monochrome PIDM)Survivor II
6I8A9189 (4/20/2018)
Traci Banks
Seattle, Washington

2018-05-04 Location 1980 (Costa Mesa, California): Exhibited

I should have results in a few weeks!


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