Nude: An Exhibition Entry

September 17, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Once a month, I review a wide range of artistic calls for entry in search of contests and exhibitions I might enter. As I was doing so the night before last, I discovered an exhibition called simply "Nude," at Decode Gallery in Tucson. It hadn't been listed anywhere a month ago, and the deadline was... today. I was fortunate to catch it in time to enter! Obviously I'm going to enter a "Nude" exhibition, as so few of them are so directly targeted to my style of art! So that's what I spent last night doing: sorting through my photos to select an entry.

Initially I chose five photos, but then as I was submitting them, saw that I could enter five more for a mere $5 extra. So why the heck not, I submitted a full complement of ten. You never know for sure what the judge is looking for, so you might as well spread the entry as wide as possible!

From the Prospectus:

Throughout history artists have been inspired by the human form. Nudity can simply be implied or tell a story through the whole human form. We venture to make this our most revealing exhibition to date.

Ha ha. And the judge, Holly Hart, is a Northwesterner from southern Oregon, who got her degree in Seattle.

The turnaround on this exhibition is really quick. With the deadline today, the selections will be announced two days from now. Then if I'm selected I'll submit high-res versions of my photos, and they'll print them themselves. I love exhibitions that print photos themselves, it's a lot less work on my part! So we'll see what happens pretty quickly.

A few selections from my entry:

Beauty TreatmentBeauty TreatmentBeauty Treatment
6I8A1817 (1/3/2018)
Seattle, Washington

2020-02-21 Indianapolis Art Center (Indianapolis, Indiana), "Body Building: The Art of the Human Figure": Exhibited
2020-09-25 Inernational Festival of Erotic Arts (Online, based in Barcelona Spain): Exhibited online; online symposium presenter
2021-08-11 Vidin Spring Circuit (Cuprija, Serbia) (Nude Color PIDC): Accepted
2021-11-30 Photo Fest Bitola (Bitola, Macedonia) (Nude PIDC): Accepted
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