Parallel Worlds in Tucson

September 19, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

As promised, the results of the "Nude" exhibition at Decode Gallery in Tucson, Arizona have come quickly, and they include good news: one of my photos was accepted! By the way, it was a good call to invest $5 in extra entries, because it was one of those that was accepted.

Decode will print my photo themselves, at 15"x10". The exhibition opens on October 8 and concludes November 5.

Here's the photo that was accepted: Bunny Luna, and a wild friend, photographed on Pinnacle Peak in Mount Rainier National Park in July 2018.

Parallel Worlds (Exhibited)Parallel Worlds (Exhibited)Parallel Worlds
B75A8286 (2021-07-01)
Bunny Luna
Tatoosh Range, Mount Rainier National Park

2021-11-20 Shadowhunter Circuit (Nude PIDC) (Malta): Accepted

Sometimes the best art is born out of serendipity. Luna and I planned a figure photoshoot in the Tatoosh Range of Mount Rainier National Park in July 2018, dodging hikers among panoramic, sun-drenched vistas. But the day arrived cool and gray, our 14,411-foot volcanic backdrop invisible in the clouds. We had the trail completely to ourselves, and the fog moving in and out among the lower peaks made for brooding, moody vistas. As we set up a shot among a particularly craggy jumble of granodiorite, a marmot poked its head over the top of the rocks, keeping a close watch on our proceedings. We expected it to take a quick glance and scurry away, but instead, it stayed and watched, following along as we set up shot after shot, even seeming to pose with us at times. In the quiet mist of the wilderness, perhaps it saw in naked Luna a kindred spirit, a fellow being at one with the world among the rocks and snow.


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