Preview: Melissa Troutt in the forest

September 18, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I've been trying to work with the model Melissa Troutt for a long time now. She's been out to this part of the country a couple of different times, and for one reason or another it's never worked out for us to work together. Even this trip was touch and go, with changing schedules and plans; originally we were going to meet in Seattle to shoot at a local park, then that changed to possibly shooting at her hotel room, but then it turned out her hotel was almost exactly halfway between Seattle and where I live, so it was just as easy for her to come this direction as the other. Which was good news, because honestly, I find hotel rooms pretty boring artistically! So I suggested that we shoot at a nice forested spot just a few miles from my home, first thing in the morning for good light.

And it all worked perfectly! We captured some amazing images, and had some fascinating conversations, and I got to photograph a genuinely unique and beautiful human being. Melissa has endless creativity with her poses, and we were very much on the same wavelength about what we were trying to accomplish, such that she often shifted intuitively into positions that I was about to ask for.

I've sorted and done a quick edit on fifteen favorite images, which you can see on my full website; I'll include five of them here to show you the diversity and quality of the photos we collected. I look forward to working with these further!


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