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Created 22-Apr-21
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SEEKING DIVERSE MODELS for artistic portrait, conceptual and figure nude modeling.

Requires: Nothing more than a willingness to model. No previous modeling experience is required. However, I am specifically looking for individual models who fit one or more of the following categories: LGBTQ, non-binary, transgender, Black or Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), goth, older models (50+), plus-size models, sex workers, those who have prominent scars, or use a wheelchair. I'm also looking for couples or groups that fit these criteria. Individuals willing to model nude or partially nude are preferred but not required.

Project goals: America's diversity is its greatest strength, and America's resistance to diversity is its greatest weakness. Of this, I am convinced -- and also that diversity makes life, and art, a hell of a lot more interesting. Representation matters, and while things are getting better, LGB and especially T and Q individuals are often missing or caricatured in art, along with plus-size, older, visibly scarred, or differently-abled people. Even people of color are under-represented. My preferred genre of fine art figure nudes in nature is even more uniform, awash in a sea of young, white, cis-gender thin female models. I fully support the work of LGBTQ artists in this area, who also have a unique understanding of the subject matter. But I think it's time for white cis-gender heterosexual male artists like myself to diversify their portfolios as well. Representation belongs everywhere. Besides, it makes being an artist a lot more interesting!

This page contains examples of the kinds of images that speak to me as an artist. Most of them are borrowed from the Internet, but represent a style of photography similar to my own.

Locations: I do much of my photography in the mountains, forests, and beaches of Washington state. However, for this project I'm also willing to come to you. We can shoot in one of the Seattle or Tacoma area's many studios, in a rented space, in a local park, or in your own home or apartment. The focus is on your unique individuality, so let's choose a setting to match it. I love the look of natural light, but also have my own studio lighting that can be brought into almost any setting.

Dates and times: I live about two hours south of Seattle and have a day job, so would need to coordinate my schedule with yours. I am mostly available mornings and early afternoons, any time of year.

Compensation: I am happy to pay standard rates ranging from $40/hour for portrait work by first-time models to $100/hour or more for traveling professional nude models. A photo session generally lasts from one to two hours. Photos created through paid modeling are owned exclusively by me, though I will always make a point of crediting you as the model (with a pseudonym if you prefer). Alternatively, I'm happy to work with you in trade for photos (TFP). Under this arrangement, instead of paying for modeling, I will make all edited photos (and raw images too if you wish) available to you, with ownership fully shared, each of us with equal rights to edit, exhibit and sell the images. This is a great option if you're looking to build your portfolio, or if you have photo ideas of your own that you'd like to create, or if you'd like to earn income from the images through a Patreon or OnlyFans account.

I also do custom photography on commission, in which which case the resulting images belong exclusively to you and will never be published in any form by me without your permission. Hybrid arrangements are also an option.

CONTACT ME if you're interested in modeling for me. I look forward to working with you!

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