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Created 22-Apr-21
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SEEKING MODELS for artistic figure nude modeling in wilderness settings.

Requires: Willingness and ability to hike to remote photo shoot locations. Willingness to model nude. Previous professional modeling experience is not required. Companions or chaperones are welcome. All races, ages, body types, and gender identities are welcome (and in fact encouraged), as well as couples and groups of models.

Project goals: Henry David Thorough said "In wildness is the preservation of the world." I have long believed that this is literally true, and that only by returning to a more natural relationship with the natural world will humans survive with their humanity and quality of life intact. Figure photography, pairing human beings in their most natural, unclad state with beautiful scenery, is a way of symbolizing this "return to nature." But I also believe that there's more to it than just going hiking in a national park. We must re-wild ourselves more deeply as well, reconnecting with the sensual, vulnerable, and uninhibited parts of ourselves that are unfettered by social and cultural conventions. Nudity is both a symbolic and literal way of representing this idea.

Locations: Most settings on my target list are in or around Mount Rainier National Park and thus 2-3 hours drive from Seattle. Most, but not all, locations require hikes of a mile or more, often in steep terrain and sometimes off trail. Click on each of the photos on this page for details about that particular location.

For a variation on this theme, but in urban rather than wilderness settings, check out my companion project "In Concrete Canyons."

Also note that when shooting "trade for photos," I'm much more flexible about location. I'm happy to pay for modeling! -- see the section on "compensation" below -- but my time and creativity are less limited than my bank account, so if you're willing to model in trade for images, I'll shoot anywhere, any time.

Dates and times: Most of these locations are in the mountains of Washington state, and thus cannot be reached until the winter snow pack melts off in May, June, or even July. I've organized these photos roughly in order of how early in the spring or summer they are accessible. Weather is also a factor, so it helps to have a backup plan or two in case the date of our photo shoot is cold and rainy. Mosquitoes can also be an issue early in the season. Click on each location for details about what to expect.

On sunny days, mid-day light is to be avoided at all costs, so please be willing to shoot early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Cloudy days are more forgiving, but some locations are more suited to it than others. I prefer to shoot mid-week to avoid crowds on the trails.

Compensation: I am happy to pay standard rates ranging from $60/hour for first-time models to $100/hour or more for traveling professional models. Most of these projects will require about two hours of modeling. In addition, I am happy to discuss additional compensation for travel time, including driving and hiking, or rates for half-day or full-day commitments. My budget is not unlimited, but don't hesitate to negotiate a rate that's fair for you. Photos created through paid modeling are owned exclusively by me, though I will always make a point of crediting you as the model.

Trade for Photos: Alternatively, I'm happy to work with you in trade for photos (TFP). Under this arrangement, instead of paying for modeling, I will make all edited photos (and raw images too if you wish) available to you, with ownership fully shared, each of us with equal rights to edit, exhibit and sell the images. This is a great option if you're looking to build your portfolio, or if you have photo ideas of your own that you'd like to create, or if you'd like to earn income from the images through a Patreon or OnlyFans account. I'm also less particular about location when shooting TFP, and will happily return to a place I've photographed before, or a place less epically beautiful than the locations pictured here.

CONTACT ME if you're interested in modeling for me in any of the locations pictured here, or if you have a setting of your own to propose. I look forward to working with you!

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Bear Prairie (May-Oct, 0.25 miles cross-country)Panther Creek Burn (May-Oct, 0.5 miles cross-country)Chenuis Falls (May-Oct, 7 miles)Ohanapecosh Falls (late May-Oct, 7 miles)High Rock (June-Oct, 3 miles)Granite Lake (June-Oct, 4 miles)Suntop Lookout (June-Oct, 1 mile)Spray Park (July-Sept, 8 miles)Silver Forest Trail (July-early Oct, 3 miles)Grand Park (July-early Oct, 8 miles)Indian Henry's Hunting Ground (July-early Oct, 11 miles overnight)Tahoma Creek Suspension Bridge (July-early Oct, 13 miles overnight)Gobbler's Knob (July-early Oct, 11 miles overnight)Hidden Lake (July-early Oct, 6 miles)Tatoosh Lakes (July-Oct, 7 miles)Huckleberry Creek Trail (mid-July to early Oct, 4 miles)Pinnacle Peak (mid-July to early Oct, 4 miles)Mount Fremont (mid-July-early Oct, 6 miles overnight)Van Trump Park (late July-Sept, 6 miles)Crystal Lakes (July-early Oct, 6 miles)