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Photos that have been entered and exhibited in contests, galleries, and exhibitions throughout the country.
2021-12-02 Contest: Budapest International Foto Awards2021-12-01 Publication Entry: Earthly Delights (Shots Magazine, Winter 2022)2021-12-01 Exhibit Entry: Dirty Detroit 222021-12-01 Exhibit Entry: 7th Annual Figures & Faces (Fusion Art, Palm Springs)2021-11-30 Contest: Foto Fest Bitola (Bitola, Macedonia)2021-11-29 PhotoArt Vision (Czech Republic)2021-11-28 Contest Entry: Portfolio Contest - Altera Vita (Philadelphia)2021-11-21 Contest: Neutral Density Photography Awards2021-11-21 Contest Entry: Photo Contest Bulgaria2021-11-20 Contest: Shadowhunter Circuit Photo Contest (Malta, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia)2021-11-19 Exhibition: Rochester Erotic Arts Festival2021-11-14 Monochrome Photography Awards2021-11-12 Exhibition: XPOSED: Naked and Not Afraid (Knox Contemporary Gallery of Art, Calgary, Alberta)2021-10-28 Exhibition Entry: National Parks of the United States (R Gallery, Boulder, CO)2021-10-21 Contest: Veradinum 5th International Art Photographic Salon (Oradea, Romania)2021-10-15 Exhibition: Kladovo Summer Circuit2021-10-11 Contest Entry: Clickerz International Salon (Kolkata, India)2021-10-10 Contest Entry: Fine Art Photography Awards2021-10-06 Contest: Photo Club Montenegro2021-09-30 Tokyo International Foto Awards2021-09-30 Contest Entry: Monochromerific 3rd Edition2021-09-15 Exhibition Entry: Pure (Cornel-Henry Art, La Jolla, CA)2021-09-13 Exhibition Entry: Vices (Arc Studios and Gallery, San Francisco)2021-08-22 Exhibition Entry: Art Through The Lens (Yeiser Art Center, Paducah, KY)2021-08-13 Exhibition: NUDE 2021 (Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio)2021-08-11 Contest: Vidin Spring Circuit (Vidin, Bulgaria)2021-08-02 Contest Entry: The EPSON International Pano Awards2021-07-30 Exhibition: Figure That (3 Square Art, Fort Collins, CO)2021-07-25 Contest: Monovisions Photography Awards (London, UK)2021-07-18 Contest Entry: Chromatic Photo Awards2021-07-05 Contest: Moscow International Foto Awards2021-07-02 Exhibition: 14th Annual Contemporary Figurative Show (Hililard Gallery, Kansas City, MO)2021-07-01 Publication: Shots Magazine (Summer 2021, "Secret Worlds")2021-07-01 Exhibition: Bodyscapes (PH21 Gallery, Budapest)2021-06-28 Exhibition Entry: Seattle Erotic Art Festival2021-06-19 Exhibition: Femalia (Praxis Photo Arts Center, Minneapolis)2021-06-07 Exhibition Entry: Escape (NEXT Gallery, Denver, CO)2021-05-31 Publication: Marika Magazine (June 2021 issue, "Nude")2021-05-31 Exhibition: Proud+ 2021 (The Studio Door, San Diego)2021-05-29 Contest: Mtn International Salon (Kolkata, India)2021-05-28 Contest Entry: Black & White Spider Awards2021-05-25 Exhibition: Monochromerific 2nd ed. (More Art Please Gallery, Brasov, Romania)2021-05-18 Contest Winner: Nude2021 (Photoshoot Awards)2021-05-02 Exhibition: Exposure 2021 (Marin Society of Artists, San Rafael, CA)2021-05-02 Contest: Pirin Salon (Razlog, Bulgaria)2021-05-01 Exhibition: Persist, Persevere, Be (IncuArts Gallery)2021-05-01 Exhibition: Focus: Portraiture (Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR)2021-04-30 Exhibition Entry: Art Exhibition Opportunity (Gary Manuel Salon, Pioneer Square)2021-04-30 Exhibition Entry: Art Exhibition Alternates2021-04-27 Exhibition Entry: All-About-Photo Magazine #17: Portrait2021-04-05 Publication: Mini-Issue XV: Fetish (Nakid Magazine)2021-04-05 Exhibition: Figurative (Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery)2021-04-04 Exhibition Entry: The Nude (SE Center for Photography, Greenville, SC)2021-04-02 Exhibition Entry: Black and White (Cultural Center of Cape Cod)2021-04-01 Exhibition: Human Nature (Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, Everett, PA)2021-03-08 Exhibition: Diversia: Woman 2021 ( Exhibition: Unapologetically Human (Worth Project, Queen's University, Ontario)2021-03-01 Exhibition: When She Rises, We All Rise (118 Art Gallery, Exhibition Entry: Femme ( Exhibition: International Festival of Erotic Arts2020-05-24 Exhibit Entry: Figures ( Exhibition: Contemporary Figurative Show (Hilliard Gallery, Kansas City, MO)2020-03-30 Contest Entry: Obscure (Inoventa Awards)2020-02-27 Exhibition: Nude Nite: Tampa2020-02-21 Exhibition: Body Building: The Art of the Human Figure (Indianapolis Art Center)2020-02-13 Exhibition: Nude Nite: Orlando2020-02-07 Exhibition: Dirty Show 21 (Detroit, Michigan)2020-01-15 Exhibit Entry: Seattle Erotic Art Festival2019-12-10 Exhibit Entry: Portraits: Identity and Expression (Site:Brooklyn)2019-11-30 Exhibit Entry: Las Vegas Erotic Arts Festival2019-11-23 Exhibit Entry: Eros and Thanatos2019-09-22 Exhibit Entry: Chasing Ghosts IV (Verum Ultimum, Portland, Oregon)2019-06-09 Exhibit Entry: Nude: Exploring the Uncovered Human Form in Current Art (Manifest, Cincinnati, Ohio)2019-06-07 Exhibition: Human Representation: Portrait (Midwest Center for Photography, Wichita, KS)2019-05-01 Exhibition: Portraiture: Through the Lens (Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon)2019-04-28 Exhibit Entry: Sensuous Geographies: The Nude (Praxis Photo Arts Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota)2019-04-26 Exhibition: Seattle Erotic Art Festival2019-04-26 Exhibition: Rochester Erotic Arts Festival2019-04-20 Exhibit Entry: Raw Artists2019-02-28 Exhibit Entry: Nude Nite Orlando2019-02-08 Exhibit Entry: Contemporary Figure (The Art Center, Grand Junction, CO)2019-01-24 Exhibition: Nude Nite Tampa2018-06-15 Exhibit Entry: Black & White Show (Core New Art Space, Denver, Colorado)2018-06-05 Exhibit Entry: Figures & Faces (Gallery of Contemporary & Fine Art, Laguna Beach, CA)2018-06-01 Exhibit Entry: In Black and White (Springfield Art Association)2018-05-24 Exhibition: Exposed (Marin Society of Artists, San Rafael, California)2018-05-04 Exhibition: Celebrating Women 2018 (Location 1980, Costa Mesa, California)2018-05-01 Exhibition: Femme (Linus Galleries, Pasadena, California)2018-04-27 Exhibition: Seattle Erotic Art Festival2018-04-21 Exhibition: Nude Attitude (Peoria Art Guild)2018-04-18 Photo Contest Entry: Duggal's Capture the Moment Photo Contest2018-04-12 Exhibit Entry: Focus: Shadow and Light (Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon)2018-04-06 Exhibition: Rochester Erotic Arts Festival2018-03-24 Exhibition: Together (1650 Gallery, Los Angeles)2018-03-02 Exhibit Entry: Clearly Human III (St. Louis Artists Guild)2017-05-18 Exhibition: ARTundressed (Miami, Florida)2017-04-28 Exhibition: Seattle Erotic Art Festival2016-04-22 Exhibition: Seattle Erotic Art Festival2015-04-23 Exhibition: Seattle Erotic Art Festival2014-05-30 Exhibition: Seattle Erotic Art Festival2013-08-02 Exhibit Entry: Seattle Erotic Art Festival2012-06-12 Exhibit Entry: Seattle Erotic Art Festival