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Created 5-Jul-21
186 photos
These photos have been accepted for exhibition in at least one gallery, festival, or publication. Many of them have also received awards. They are among my best images!

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Rest and Upheaval (2018)Lean on Me (2017)Death Valley Farewell (2011)Milky Way over Mount Fremont (2016)Framed by Light I (2016)Asunder (2018)Rope Rescue Training I (2012)Surrender (2016)You have no power over me (2018)Bad Mother (2014)Isaac's Angel (2017)Ritual (2018)Role Reversal (2019)On Watch (2019)Form (2017)Shasta II (2017)Old roots (2018)Dance in the Light (2016)Galactic Eruption (2016)Spirit of the Desert (2016)