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Created 5-Jul-21
177 photos
These photos have been accepted for exhibition in at least one gallery, festival, or publication. Many of them have also received awards. They are among my best images!

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Rest and Upheaval (2018)Lean on Me (2017)Jacob's Angel (2017)Framed by Light I (2016)Asunder (2018)Shasta II (2017)Portend (2016)Godiva in the Evening (2014)Bad Mother (2014)Off Season (2022)Gothic Sundial (2012)Surrender (2016)Shelter (2018)Vantage (2016)Spirit of the Desert (2016)Calico (2019)States of Matter (2019)Ohanapecosh 215 (2022)Light in the darkness (2016)You have no power over me (2018)