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Created 13-Apr-21
14 photos
Proposed exhibition at Gary Manuel Salon in Pioneer Square, Seattle. All photos are printed on metal, and include:
- Five 30"x20" or 20"x30"
- Five 24"x16" or 16"x24"
- Four 18"x12" or 12"x18"
Depending on the preferences of the venue (for example, objections to nudity), alternate images can be substituted.
Rest and Upheaval (Olympic National Park 2018) 16x24Dance for the Earth (Mount Rainier National Park 2018) 30x20Pier 56 (Seattle, Washington 2016) 24x16Cardinal Sins (Seattle, Washington 2019) 30x20Tatoosh (Mount Rainier National Park 2018) 30x20Den lille havfrue (Olympic National Park 2018) 30x20Tahoma (Mount Rainier National Park 2018) 12x18Roots (Carbon River 2018) 20x30Little Mashel (Eatonville, Washington 2018) 16x24Role Reversal (Seattle, Washington 2019) 16x24Evening Swim (Mount Rainier National Park 2015) 16x24Draped (Lynnwood, Washington 2017) 12x18Sanctified (Seattle, Washington 2015) 18x12Seattle dawn (Seattle, Washington 2014) 18x12