SensuaLight Photography | September/October wilderness figure photography: Grand Park
Created 12-Apr-18
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Note: These photos are for reference only, as examples of the kinds of photographs I wish to create.
Setting: 8 miles round trip, passing Lake Eleanor, in the northeast corner of Mount Rainier National Park (but accessed via a Forest Service trailhead). See
Project: Figure nudes among the expansive landscapes of Grand Park. Photography along the edge of, and in the waters of, Lake Eleanor, along the way, is also possible; and if we reach it on our hike, there's a cool "silver forest" from an old forest fire as well. This is also a great spot for nude hiking, if you're into that.
Dates: I've tentatively scheduled this for late summer, but it could be done as early as July (though mosquitoes can be a problem then). Let me know if you'd like to participate but aren't available earlier in the season.
To be considered, please contact me by e-mail at

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