2020 Erotic Art Projects

Along with figure nudes in nature, I create erotic art. It is my conviction that all aspects of human experience are legitimate sources of artistic inspiration, including the sensual and erotic. I recognize that models vary considerably in what they are comfortable with, and many are not comfortable shooting erotic content even if they have no problems with artistic nudity. I will never expect a model to exceed their boundaries or to shoot content they are not comfortable with. All erotic photo shoots will be discussed in detail in advance, so that all parties know what to expect. There is also never an expectation that erotic activity will include the photographer.

As is customary, I do pay higher modeling rates for erotic content. I am also open to shooting TFP if you'd like photos or video for your website or portfolio, and I am happy to do private photo sessions (not for inclusion in my public portfolio) for a fee.

I have experience shooting solo (masturbation), b/g (sex), and fetish (bondage and public nudity).

Erotic projects I am interested in pursuing this year include the following:


Erotic Couples in Nature

I have several outdoor locations in mind where I'd love to photograph couples enjoying each other sensually, erotically, or sexually, including mountaintops, boulder fields with sweeping panoramic vistas, moss-covered forests, fire lookouts, and remote mountain lakes. I'm open to working with couples of all genders and sexual identities, individuals, and groups.


Erotic Couples at Home or Hotel

Our summers are all-too-brief here in the Pacific Northwest. If the weather isn't conducive for outdoor shooting, I'm also happy to shoot indoors, in your own home, at a hotel, or in an appropriate rented studio space.


Naturist Nudes in Nature

I recognize that "naturism" isn't inherently "erotic"; I include it here mainly because naturist lifestyle photography is not a traditional kind of photo shoot. I would love to shoot a documentary-style photo session of one or more models sensuously enjoying nude recreation in nature: skinny dipping, sunbathing, even camping. I'd also like to photograph an extended nude hike.


Outdoor Bondage

I have numerous locations in mind for outdoor bondage photo shoots, ranging from mountaintops with panoramic views to deep forest. I'd also love to do a bondage photo shoot at a remote fire lookout. I know some basic shibari rope bondage ties myself, and am also open to working with models who can self-tie, or with third-party rope doms who have greater skills than I do.


Urban Nudes

I've done several photo shoots already in downtown Seattle, shooting in hidden alleyways, parks, or parking garages, or in the quiet of pre-dawn. I'd like to do more of these guerilla photo shoots including nudity (complete or partial) in public settings: cityscapes, the Seattle waterfront, marinas, beaches, doorways, staircases, murals, statues, etc.