Do you see an image in my portfolio that really speaks to you -- something you'd like to have on the wall in your bedroom or study? All of the photos in my portfolio are available to purchase in an almost infinite variety of forms, from simple prints to canvas wraps and specialty mounts like fotoflōts. Get your images mounted and framed at the same time you order, and have them shipped directly to your address. It couldn't be simpler!

Just open any image in its individual page and look for the "Buy" button, usually above the photo. A variety of popular formats will be displayed, and even more are available if you click through.

One thing to keep in mind: most of my photos are taken with a professional digital SLR camera, which records the images in an aspect ratio of 2:3. If you order, for example, a 16x24" print, you'll see the entire, uncropped image. But many traditional print sizes use different ratios. An 8x10, for example, has an aspect ratio of 4:5, which means that by default about 8% will be cropped from both the top and bottom of the image. To make sure you're getting the photo you want, please preview all of your images as you put them into your shopping basket. You'll have a chance to adjust the cropping to optimize it for your image and print size.

Also, you'll see three photo paper options for prints. Standard color prints are fine for almost anything, though I do highly recommend the black and white paper for black and white images, as it really brings out the rich tones of such photos. "Pearl" has a slightly metallic, glossy sheen to it, and is appropriate if you like this kind of look.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact me, and I'll help you select the perfect product for your needs. Thanks, and enjoy your purchase!