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Created 22-Jul-20
11 photos
Portfolio exhibited by the International Festival of Erotic Arts at their online event September 25-27, 2020.
Beauty Treatment (HaileyJ, Seattle, April 2017)Binding Love (Amy Nicole and Nick, Seattle, June 2017)Fire and Ice (Enigma and Katlyn Lacoste, Mount Rainier National Park, July 2020)Ritual (Marlow Rae, TheBoneWitch, and Laura Wrong, Carbon River Canyon, May 2018)Lean on Me (Cyndical and Lior Allay, Discovery Park, June 2017)Surrender (Mikki Marvel, Seattle, August 2015) (Additional submission)If You Could Read My Mind (Nikki Long, Washington DC, January 2015) (Additional submission)Foxtail (Gin & Ginger, Tahoma Creek, October 2019) (Additional submission)Once More, With Feeling (Violet, Deadwood Peak, August 2017) (Additional submission)Bruises (petalpusher, San Francisco, October 2017) (Additional submission)Festival Banner