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Created 22-Apr-21
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Imogen Cunningham (1883-1976) was an American photographer and one of the more influential female photographers of the early 20th century. Female photographers were a distinct minority in that era, especially those who photographed nudes; and even fewer dared to photograph male nudes. In 1915, Cunningham made a series of photographs of her husband at Mount Rainier National Park. These are an important part of the history of photography and of Mount Rainier, even if few people are aware of them. As a tribute to this history, I would like to reproduce these photos, at least in spirit, working again with a male model at the same locations, if I can find them. I believe I know where at least some of these pictures were made -- numbers 1 through 7, perhaps, though I'll need to wait until the snow melts to confirm them, and will need to do more scouting to find the other places. The final image is of Cunningham herself, as an older woman, working with a younger model, I believe at Sequoia National Park.