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Created 22-Feb-22
40 photos
These photos may be purchased as fine art prints on archival paper, mounted and framed, or as gorgeous modern metal prints. Prints will be delivered directly to you.

"In Concrete Canyons" is a companion project to "In Wildness," but whereas in that project my intention is to show examples of humans returning to a state of alignment with nature, in this case my goal is to startle viewers with the contrast between human skin and urban concrete and steel. Nudity reveals us at our most elemental, and it's no accident that figurative art tends to be made either in a studio, where context is absent, or in nature, where the context feels appropriate. After all, how much more "natural" can a human be, than when surrounded by nature, in a state of nature? Clothing and urban construction are layers added, and they go together as intuitively as nudity and nature. But a nude figure in the urban environment? That startles the viewer, and forces questions. Are nude humans out of place in the world they have created? And if so, what does that say -- that we, in our most natural state, are out of place in our own creation?

Any other image you see on my website may also be delivered to you in these same styles, so if the image you're looking for isn't on this page, just let me know and I'll make it available for purchase.
On the pier (2023)Life in balance (2023)Public Market (2023)Flight (2021)Catching Sun (2021)As above, so below (2019)Cardinal Sins (2019)Connection (2019)Center of the Universe (2019)Pain (2019)First Light (2019)A space full of light (2019)Vernal light (2019)On Watch (2019)Calico (2019)Locked Out (2019)Exclusive (2019)Enfolded (2017)Hidden Figure (2017)Jacob's Angel (2017)