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Created 10-Apr-21
45 photos
These photos may be purchased as fine art prints on archival paper, mounted and framed, or as gorgeous modern metal prints. Prints will be delivered directly to you.

Henry David Thorough said "In wildness is the preservation of the world." I have long believed that this is literally true, and that only by returning to a more natural relationship with the natural world will humans survive with their humanity and quality of life intact. Figure photography, pairing human beings in their most natural, unclad state with beautiful scenery, is a way of symbolizing this "return to nature." But I also believe that there's more to it than just going hiking in a national park. We must re-wild ourselves more deeply as well, reconnecting with the sensual, vulnerable, and uninhibited parts of ourselves that are unfettered by social and cultural conventions. Nudity is both a symbolic and literal way of representing this idea.

Any other image you see on my website may also be delivered to you in these same styles, so if the image you're looking for isn't on this page, just let me know and I'll make it available for purchase.
Earth, Water and Fire (2022)The Bridge (2022)Ohanapecosh 215 (2022)Off Season (2022)The World Comes Apart (2022)Wild Woman (2021)Skinny Dipper (2021)Clay (2020)Fire and Ice (2020)States of Matter (2019)Tatoosh Mirror (2019)Parallel Worlds (2019)Mammals in the Mist (2019)Unicorn in the clouds (2019)Bare in the clouds (2019)On the rocks (2019)Role Reversal (2019)Tatoosh Dreams (2018)Like No One Is Watching (2018)Tahoma (2018)