Photography is not just (or even primarily) a business for me: it is a creative passion. I find great beauty in the human body, in all of its diversity, and in the seemingly endless ways that people express and share their sensuality with one another. My portfolio started out as a fun way to make beautiful pictures, and has evolved into a personal statement that celebrates tolerance and acceptance of human sexuality.

To this end, I am always looking for creative collaborators in the form of both professional and amateur models -- professionals, because they know how to create and hold a pose, and have the experience to work with me on a creative level; and amateurs, because I am just as interested in working with real people with real bodies. If you review my existing portfolio, you will see that I have worked with all types of models -- some with perfect bodies, long resumes, and portfolios on Model Mayhem; and others with scars, imperfections, tattoos, extra pounds, and no experience whatsoever beyond a willingness to participate in the creation of art. I seek to find the beauty and humanity in all of my models, regardless of who they are. I will work with any legal age, race, sexual orientation, or body type.

I look for authenticity in my models -- even a bit of wildness, in the sense of not trying to conform to some pre-determined set of perfectly glamorous poses. I prefer to capture moments that are more ambiguous or emotionally intense... those that reflect vulnerability or strength, passion or rage, distress or empowerment. If you, as a model, have to stretch yourself a little bit (either physically or emotionally) for the sake of a pose, it's likely to result in a great image. (That said, I am always respectful of a model's personal limits when modeling.)
The artistic images I create may be used in my online portfolio or in future publications or gallery exhibits. (I'm proud to have been selected as an exhibitor in several galleries and art festivals around the country.) If you are a professional model, I am happy to share credit with you by name or reference. If you are not a model, I am happy to keep your details anonymous. I will retain the copyright on my images, but will also share them with you for use in your own portfolio or photo collection. My budget is small, so I prefer to work "TFP" (Trade-for-portfolio) when I can; but I am also willing to pay standard model rates, as my budget permits, for those who depend on it to make a living, especially for nude or erotic work.
The projects listed below represent themes I am interested in exploring creatively. If you see something you like, drop me a note through my contact page. If you're interested in photos that are not on this list, I am still willing to work with you at my standard rates -- or, make me a pitch with your ideas for creative collaboration. And if you're working with me for the first time, read more about my creative process and artistic vision.

Current Projects 

Check out my portfolio for examples of my work, and my booking page for more information. If you have any questions, write to me on my contact page.