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Created 28-Mar-21
2 photos
Photos entered into the Nude2021 photo contest at Photoshoot Awards. The call for art closed March 31, 2021 and results were announced on May 18, 2021.

My photo "Cardinal Sins," of Lior Allay in Seattle in March 2019, was a finalist in the Urban Nudes category, and was featured on the Photoshoot Awards website and in the NUDE2021 publication.

"PhotoShoot Awards is a series of online photography competitions that captures emotion in images based on themes which are thought provoking and which convey contemporary perceptions of current world issues. The competitions focus on several different themes showcasing categories of photographs which rarely receive the attention or interest they deserve.
"An initiative by Productions Hors cadre Inc. (Montreal, Quebec), the PhotoShoot Awards competitions will feature the best photos in each category and provide international visibility to photographers and their work.
"The PhotoShoot Awards-NUDE2021 competition showcases the best artistic nude portraits in the world.
"The nude portraits selected by PhotoShoot Awards are neither obscene, nor pornographic, nor violent. The photographs will focus primarily on emotion, beauty and a sense of freedom, though the portraits may also be provocative, amusing, natural, sophisticated, sensual, erotic, unexpected, classical, innocent or audacious.
"Selection criteria include the quality of the shot, composition, originality and imagination. The nudity represented in the photos may be full, partial, wholly revealed or merely suggested. Whatever the subject or type of photograph submitted: women, men, families, couples or groups; photos taken in situ or in a studio; digital or analog photos; black and white or colour; computer-enhanced digital photos or digitised prints, the principal selection criteria for the competition is that the photograph captures the emotion of the moment.
"Many professional fashion photographers, portrait photographers or even wedding photographers take nude photographs either in the course of their work or in their free time. So, whether you are a professional, a semi-professional or an enthusiastic amateur we invite you to participate in our first competition by submitting your nude portraits taken within the past five years."
Cardinal Sins (Finalist, Urban Nudes)Ritual