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Created 27-Jan-22
6 photos
Photos entered for consideration by the "Stripped Down" exhibition at Vestige Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The call for art closed 1/29/2022. Notification 1/30, exhibition 2/19 to 3/20/22.

One of my photos was accepted for physical exhibition.

STRIPPED DOWN is searching for works of art that exhibit the nude form. Works could be from any medium, and may include themes involving erotica, and sexuality*. This inclusionary show is open to all gender depictions, and we encourage works that explore non-traditional norms, and non-binary identities. Additionally, we are extending the call to places that are "stripped" such as a bare room, or minimal/situational places that the nude form(s) may reside Artists for this show must be 18+.
"Sexuality" may include (but not limited to): touch, caress, holding, self touch, intertwining/interplay, kissing, arousal, and heightened states of passion, but should not depict full-penetration, situations deemed "Rated X", or depicting any activities deemed illegal in nature in any way**
Earth and Sky (Accepted)Cardinal SinsYou say that I amLocked outHere comes the brideWild Woman