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Life in balance (Open Color PIDC) (Accepted)No neighbors (Woman PIDC) (Accepted)On the pier (Woman PIDC) (Accepted)Reclining figure (Open Mono PIDM) (Accepted)As above, so below (Open Color PIDC)Chauffeur (Open Mono PIDM)Circe on the Mountain (Woman PIDC)Classic (Open Mono PIDM)Deep roots (Open Color PIDC)Everyone is welcome here (Photojournalism PIDM)Fisher release (Photojournalism PIDM)Goddess of the glaciers (Open Mono PIDM)Godiva in the evening (Woman PIDC)Kinetic energy (Open Color PIDC)Snow Rover training (Photojournalism PIDM)The Question (Photojournalism PIDM)