Created 22-Jan-23
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Sometimes the best art is born out of serendipity. Bunny Luna and I had planned a traditional figure shoot in the Tatoosh Range of Mount Rainier National Park in July 2019, dodging hikers among panoramic, sun-drenched vistas. And then, the day arrived, cool and gray, our intended 14,411-foot volcanic backdrop invisible in the clouds. But we had the trail completely to ourselves, and the fog moving in and out among the lower peaks made for amazing and moody vistas. And then, as we set up a shot among a particularly craggy jumble of granodiorite, a marmot poked its head over the top of the rocks, looking out on our proceedings. We fully expected it to take a quick glance and scurry away, but instead, it stayed and watched, following along as we set up shot after shot, even seeming to pose with us at times. In the quiet mist of the mountains, perhaps it saw in naked Luna a lack of threat, and a kindred spirit, at one with the world among the rocks and snow. After that, the spell was cast, and every pose felt like Luna was part of nature, and me a wildlife photographer, capturing her in her natural element as she moved through the wilderness.
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