Created 11-Oct-21
24 photos
Photos entered into Foto Fest Bitola in Bitola, Macedonia. The closing date is October 11, with notices posted October 25 and online gallery November 30, 2021.

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I'm watching you (Open Monochrome PIDM)You say that I am (Open Monochrome PIDM)Parallel worlds (Open Monochrome PIDM)Pure (Open Monochrome PIDM)Heroes (Open Color PIDC)Schoolhouse Island (Open Color PIDC)Tatoosh dreams (Open Color PIDC)Yellowstone Canyon (Open Color PIDC)Exposed (Light and Shadows PIDC)Framed by light I (Light and Shadows PIDC)Framed by light II (Light and Shadows PIDC)Light and shadow (Light and Shadows PIDC)Death Valley farewell (Nature ND)Drifting (Nature ND)Lupine in the rain (Nature ND)Passages (Nature ND)Lean on me (Life PJD)Night glow (Life PJD)Rising with the sun (Life PJD)Time traveler (Life PJD)