Created 1-Jul-23
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To be human is to live amid contrast and contradiction. We strive for restful calm; yet the world is filled with chaos and turmoil. But waves and tide can, in time, smooth sharp edges into polished stone. Nature both threatens and sustains us, and we find balance in the center of the storm.

I photographed Queen Dandelion at Rialto Beach in Olympic National Park in July 2019.

For most of Western history, women have been locked out. Locked out of power, locked out of control over their own bodies, locked out of history itself. Isn’t it understandable, then, that locked doors quickly become symbolic of so much more?

I photographed Marzipanned in Seattle’s Frink Park in January 2019.

Early deadline: July 2, 2023
Final deadline: November 12, 2023
Awards announcement: January 7, 2024