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Created 10-Dec-21
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Photos entered for consideration by's online gallery called "On Clothing: The Visible Self." Loosenart is based in Italy. A group exhibition is planned in Rome or Milan in March. The deadline was December 7, 2021. My photos were apparently not chosen.

"The cultural codes within which we define ourselves through our image, generate the language used for the realization of inter-individual exchanges that may be defined as "relations in public" (Goffman E.). Every human being develops an attitude towards self-representation, this self-representation concerns itself with different fields and languages, such as the way one dresses. Extension of the self, expression of our "modus vivendi", the dress is a cultural product that concerns our identity, linked to historical, cultural and personal continuity, through which it is possible to affirm one's individuality, and communicate and inform others on ourselves. This call is an invitation for photographers who tackle such a subject in its various fields of interest: from sociology to fashion; from the anthropology of costumes to that of psychological introspection."

My entry: "I have always been fascinated by the complex relationship humans have with clothing. The ways it is used to alternately hide or reveal the body are fraught with cultural meanings. This is especially true for those who fall outside the traditional gender binary. For them, clothing is both a means of exploring and expressing identity. I find their stories worth listening to, and worth telling, through the medium of visual art."
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