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Created 14-Jun-21
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Photos entered for consideration by the NUDE 2021 exhibition (13th Annual International Competitive Exhibit Exploring the Uncovered Human Form in Current Art) at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio. One of my photos was accepted for exhibition at the gallery, from August 13-September 10, 2021.

From the call for art: "Manifest exhibits many kinds of works, from more conceptual and experimental art to the traditional. In fact we think it's important to have such a range in our repertoire. It is something that Manifest is known for. Every year our annual projects allow us to track how artists around the world address a consistent theme, subject, or media over time, or allow us to document the state of art in a particular strata of professional creative activity, and to study and preserve our findings in a meaningful way through our exhibit publications and website.
NUDE is one such project. The human body is a popular subject for many reasons, the most obvious being that it is us. Throughout history (and pre-history) the representation of the human form has been charged with tremendous energy. Whether it be a religious edict that one should not depict the human form—a taboo, or the glorious opposite—a revelation of mastery over form in the crafting of sensuous and life-like physical human beauty, the art of the body has nevertheless moved us through time.

"Through all the permutations art has experienced across history, work of the body persists. We use the human nude to master skill, understand ourselves, and push social and psychological buttons for the sake of expression (sensual, delicate, political, aggressive, and so on). We intend for Manifest's ongoing annual NUDE project, now in its 13th year, to explore how our collective body is used today in art to achieve these goals and more.

"This year we are again happy to offer our invitation to artists to submit works in any media, of any style or genre (abstract, conceptual, realistic, etc.), and of any size, for consideration in Manifest's 13th annual NUDE, an international competitive exhibit exploring the uncovered human form in current art."

From the acceptance email: "Our jury process has resulted in the final selection including a set of 19 works by 16 artists from across the U.S. We received 475 entries from 119 artists for this exhibit which will help close out our 17th season in the gallery. NUDE will occupy two of our five galleries at Manifest this year."
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