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Created 14-May-22
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Entries for the gallery exhibition "she" at the A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas. One of my photos was accepted for exhibition. The gallery prints its own photos.
Entries due: May 16, 2022
Results emailed: May 27, 2022
Exhibition dates:
June 10 to July 21,, 2022
June 25, 2022 both at 3pmCST FBLive


she : girl, daughter, mother, lady, matron, gentlewoman, gal, sister, feminine, madam, miss, grandmother, damsel, mademoiselle, lassie, princess, female, femme ……
“She is free, but she does not know the price she has to pay…”
Man, I think I heard that lyric in, probably 1967 or 68. It was 67. I remember, I was ten. No, am I kidding, how could I forget, no ‘67 was the summer I saw my first hippie. I ran through the campground searching for my dad, eventually finding him swimming with a woman that wasn’t my mother, but that’s a whole other story, I found him and told him there was a guy in the river that looked just like Jesus. He told me go on back down there, he would be around in a bit to check it out. He never came. That was also the summer I fell really hard in love for the first time. She wore boy’s clothes, jeans and boots. Her swagger and way of talking charmed the heck out of this city boy. Jesus in the river and a pretty girl in blue jeans and a cowboy hat, it was a transformative couple of hot, Texas weeks.
Anyway, back to Shawn Phillips, his song, “We”, would have been out in ‘72, not ’67, my first real summer of love, if you know what I mean. My best friend’s older sister had gotten a Shawn Phillips album a couple of years before. When we saw the album cover we thought he was a girl. He was sitting backwards on the ground. His hair falling to the ground all around him. We thought she had a funny voice for a girl. When we found out he was a he, we thought he had to be the coolest, and maybe toughest guy on the planet. My buddy and I imagined having hair like that and walking into a bar, how badass we would have to be?
I bought the album with the song “We” with money I earned working for a caterer. I shlepped pans of potato salad and barbecue at chemical plant company picnics. That’s where I met her. She was older than me. She had gotten married at seventeen. It didn’t last. I won’t go into all the details, but man, how could I forget that. I used to play her the Shawn Phillips album in rotation with ZZ Top and Cat Stevens. I really dug the “We” song. It had this really cool Beach Boy thing at the end.
One night I played it as usual and she began to cry. She wouldn’t say why. I didn’t see her much after that. My football coach gave me the lecture. I listened to him. I don’t know why.
Later, listening to the album and doing homework, the lyric came on, and it hit me, I got it. I thought about calling her, but I didn’t.
“She is free, but she does not know the price she has to pay…”
From “The Interviews” by Franklin Cincinnatus
JUROR | Sandra Chen Weinstein will be the juror for “she”. Sandra Chen Weinstein is a photographer, Ceramist, collector, and independent curator. Born in Taiwan, she has worked and lived in DC, Japan, China for American Agency, and travelled for photo works to Europe, Middle East, Turkey, South Korea, Japan and India. Sandra currently resides in Southern California and D.C. Early in her photo career in 2009, she was chosen as the only American photographer among hundreds of applicants for Magnum Masterclasses in The Netherlands and in London, England. Sandra’s photography has received many outstanding National and International Awards including CENTER Director’s First Place Award. Her works have been exhibited in Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Fine Art Washington County, Aperture Gallery, Annenberg Space of Photography, Florida Museum of Photographic Art, Griffin Museum of Photography, Longview Museum of Fine Art, Museum of Big Bend, as well as invitational international exhibitions including Mirage Gallery Japan, HeadOn PhotoFest, Ballarat Photo Biennale in Australia, Auckland festival of Photography New Zealand, Pingyao Photo Festival China, SKM International Photo Festival Taiwan among many others. Her work is in several private collections including The Gordon Parks Foundation.
Sandra has curated for master photographer Eli Reed of Magnum Photos, Taiwan, China, and well know international photographers in Ballarat Photo Festival and FOTODC as well as juror for a host of galleries.

ELIGIBILITY | The competition is open to all photographers both professional and amateur working in all photographic mediums and styles. International entries are welcomed. Work that has been previously exhibited in an A Smith Gallery competition is not eligible.

ONLINE EXHIBITION AND CATALOGUE | Jurors will be selecting 55 images in total. All 55 images will be in an exhibition catalogue and also be included in the online exhibition gallery. A complimentary copy of the exhibition catalogue will be mailed to each photographer included in the catalogue. There is a postage fee of $15 for non US photographers eligible to received the catalogue. The gallery will be featuring each of the 55 images on both Facebook and Instagram over the span of the exhibition.

“THE 27” HARDBOUND EXHIBITION BOOK | 27 images from the total 55 images will be selected for “The 27”, a hardbound fine art book of the exhibition. “The 27” will be available for purchase.

NOTIFICATIONS | All photographers who have submitted an entry will receive an email notification of the juror’s selection. Please note that gallery emails often end up in spam folders. Please check your spam if you did not receive a confirmation email.

AWARDS| The awards are as follows:
Jurors Award – a solo exhibition, “The 27” exhibition book and feature story on the gallery blog
Directors Award – “The 27” exhibition book and a feature story on the gallery blog
Visitors Award (most Instagram likes) – $100
The solo exhibition awarded as the Juror’s Award will be scheduled at a mutually agreed time for the duration of a month. An artist reception will be scheduled the last Saturday of the month during the gallery’s ArtWalk and FaceBook Live GalleryWalk.

SALES | The gallery has an online store and will include all images from the exhibition. The gallery will retain 40% of the sales price. When a print sells, there are two options. First, the artist may ship a signed print directly to the buyer. Or the gallery will print the image for the artist. Please see Printing Services for details.

"Congratulations! You have been accepted into A Smith Gallery’s “she” exhibition. Of the 691 submitted images, 55 were selected for the exhibit.... Notifications of those selected for “The 27”, a limited edition hardbound fine art book of the exhibition, will be sent by June 3, 2022. The reception for “she” will be June 25, 2022. The reception will be on FB Live at 3pmCST. "
You have no power over me (Exhibited)You say that I amBad motherFeathersTogetherIf you could read my mind (you might rethink what you're about to say)