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Created 12-Feb-22
13 photos
Entries for the Photographic Society contest "Photo Salon Kicevo" (PSA 2022-34) in North Macedonia, closing February 13, 2022. Results are scheduled for March 1, 2022.
Vantage (Open Mono PIDM) (Accepted)Dance in the light (Lights and Shadows PIDC) (Accepted)Framed by light I (Lights and Shadows PIDC) (Accepted)First Light (Open Color PIDC)Invy Rose (Open Mono PIDM)Godiva in the evening (Open Color PIDC)Tatoosh dreams (Open Color PIDC)Fox in the Forest (Open Mono PIDM)Old Roots (Open Mono PIDM)Mountain Yoga (Woman PIDC)Feathers (Woman PIDC)Evening swim (Woman PIDC)If you could read my mind (Woman PIDC)