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Created 14-Mar-22
5 photos
Photos submitted to the exhibition "Dreams and Imaginings" at the Photo Place Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont, closing March 14, 2022. The exhibition is April 28 to May 21, 2022.

My photos were not accepted.

Call for Entries
“I think there is an element of magic in photography — light, chemistry, precious metals — a certain alchemy. You can wield a camera like a magic wand almost. Murmur the right words and you can conjure up proof of a dream.” Keith Carter
Dreams and imagination provide fertile ground for photographers to delve into self-reflection, create a story, or share a vision. There is an element of magic that unites all such work, along with an unusual capacity to connect with the viewer in deeply profound ways. At their best, these images seem to arise from a collective consciousness we all share.
For this exhibition, we seek images that arise from within, that may be deeply personal, fantastical, beautiful or disturbing. All captures and processes are welcome.
We are very pleased that Susan Burnstine will jury and this exhibit. She will select up to 35 images for exhibition in the Middlebury gallery, and up to an additional 40 images for our Online gallery. All selected images will be published in the exhibit catalog.
IlluminationConnectionLean on meRebirthRest and Upheaval