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Created 3-Jul-22
3 photos
Photos submitted for consideration by the "Body Talk" exhibition at Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia. Judged by Matt Storm. Deadline: July 10. Jurying: July 11-25. Artists notified: July 29. Exhibition dates: September 17-October 30, 2022. Reception: Ocotber 14, 7-10pm.

Three Graces: TheBoneWitch, Marlow Rae, and Laura Wrong, photographed in the Carbon River Canyon of Mount Rainier National Park in May 2018. "Three Graces" is a classic theme in art, here updated for the modern era with three non-binary-identified models.
You have no power over me: Bowie Monroe, photographed in her Bellevue, Washington apartment in September 2018. Bowie is a proud sex worker whose path to empowerment can be summed up by the tattoo on her left arm: "you have no power over me." You say that I am: Lior Allay, photographed at Freeway Park in Seattle in March 2019. Lior is a non-binary model who often subverts social expectations by their choice of clothing, body hair, and behavior. This piece nods to the idea that "if only you show me your genitals, then I'll be able to place you in the proper box."