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Created 1-Mar-18
3 photos
My artist statement:

My photography celebrates the diversity of human sensuality in all its forms. Strong woman have always featured prominently in my work. The recent #MeToo movement has been a time of rebirth for many women, a chance to reclaim their identity and their sexuality, and this has offered many opportunities to tell creative stories through photography about their journeys.

My work is collaborative and, in many ways, documentary. I give my models only minimal guidance, and ask them simply to communicate with their bodies along a theme. This allows each model to become an artist herself, and my camera a means of capturing that expression. Afterward, in the editing process, I choose exposures and tones that help clarify the message. Most of my work is realistic, with most of the creativity done through composition in-camera, though occasionally an image inspires me to apply more atmospheric effects.

One photo was accepted for digital exhibition during the month of May, 2018.
Rebirth (Accepted for Digital Exhibition)IdentityLean on Me