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Mother of shadows (Open Monochrome PIDM) (IAAP Ribbon)Rapture (Open Color PIDC) (Accepted)Twice the beauty (Open Color PIDC) (Accepted)Duty station (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted)Together (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted)No neighbors (Nude PIDC) (Accepted)Survivor II (Portrait PIDC) (Accepted)David on the bus (Portrait PIDC) (Accepted)Football in the rain (Sport PJD) (Accepted)The prayer (Photojournalism PJD) (Accepted)Yer out (Sport PJD) (Accepted)A shoulder to lean on (Portrait PIDC)An officer's funeral (Photojournalism PJD)Angelina's 400m Freestyle Relay (Sport PJD)Beavs win (Photojournalism PJD)Center of the Universe (Nude PIDC)Last light (Open Color PIDC)Me and my shadow (Nude PIDC)Nope (Photojournalism PJD)Offense vs defense (Sport PJD)