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Created 6-Jul-21
12 photos
Photos entered into the Kladovo Summer Circuit, hosted by PhotoClub Klodovo in Klodovo, Serbia, closing July 10, 2021. Exhibitions are October 15-29, 2021.
- Centar za kulturu, Cuprija
- Centar za kulturu, Kladovo
- VI Art Foundation 57 Bulgaria str, Pazardzhik
- National Museum gallery, Vidin
- Feathers (People Color, PIDC): Accepted at Cuprija and Pazardzhik.
- Hot mama (People Color, PIDC): Accepted at Cuprija
- On the rocks (Nude Mono, PIDM): Accepted at Cuprija
- Rest and Upheaval (Nude Mono, PIDM): Accepted at Kladovo and Vidin; Salon Gold Medal at Cuprija
- Spring breeze (Nude Mono, PIDM): Accepted at Vidin
- Tatoosh mirror (Nude Mono, PIDM): Accepted at Vidin
- Diane (Nude Color, PIDC): Salon Honorable Mention at both Pazardzhik and Cuprija
- Spirit of the Desert (Nude Coior, PIDC): Accepted at Vidin
Rest and Upheaval (Nude PIDM) (Kladovo and Vidin; Cuprija Salon Gold)Diane (Nude PIDC) (Cuprija and Pazardzhik Salon Honorable Mentions)Feathers (People PIDC) (Cuprija and Pazardzhik)On the rocks (Nude PIDM) (Cuprija)Spring Breeze (Nude PIDM) (Vidin)Tatoosh mirror (Nude PIDM) (Vidin)Spirit of the Desert (Nude PIDC) (Vidin)Hot Mama (People PIDC) (Cuprija)Framed by Light II (Nude PIDC)Pier 56 (Nude PIDC)Dance in the Light (People PIDC)Kimber (People PIDC)