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Created 5-Mar-22
6 photos
Photo series entered to the PX3 photo contest in Paris, France, for the March 6, 2022 early deadline. The final deadline is May 15. Selections will be made "by September at the latest."

My entry:
To be human is to live in contradiction. We strive for lives that are calm and peaceful; yet the world is filled with chaos and turmoil. Nothing conveys this clash between tumult and vulnerability better than the contrast between the soft curves of a human body and the rough, hard textures of our rocky planet. Yet, paradoxically, even the harshness of nature can, in time, through the action of millions of waves and trillions of grains of sand, smooth out the sharp edges into smooth and polished stone. Nature both threatens and sustains us, and we find balance in the center of the storm.

My entry received an Honorable Mention!
Rest and Upheaval