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Created 30-Jan-22
12 photos
Photos entered into the Photographic Society contest Digital Photo World SBM Circuit, in Serbia, Belgium, and Montenegro.
Closing: 2/1/22
Judging: 2/21/22
Notification: 3/1/22
Exhibition, Serbia: 4/14-4/21/22
Exhibition, Belgium: 4/16-4/23/22
Exhibition, Montenegro: 4/18-4/25/22

It looks like maybe I didn't actually enter?? Maybe because it looked too expensive (but only because it was a circuit of 3 sites)??
Dance in the light (Open Color PIDC)Diane (Portrait PIDC)Exclusive (Woman PIDC)Feathers (Woman PIDC)Hot Mamma (Portrait PIDC)Isaac's Angel (Open Color PIDC)Lean on Me (Open Monochrome)Mother with a dragon tattoo (Woman PIDC)On Watch (Open Monochrome)Pier 56 (Open Color PIDC)The shape of you (Woman PIDC)Unicorn in the Clouds (Open Monochrome)