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Created 13-Sep-21
14 photos
Photos submitted for consideration by Cornel/Henry Art in La Jolla, California, for their exhibition titled "Pure." The entry closed September 15, 2021. None of my entries were selected, apparently, although I never received any communication from the gallery itself.

"We are seeking an amazing photographer to be granted our 2021 Artist Award, along with a virtual solo show in our gallery between Oct 22 - Nov 30, 2021.

"Submit your best work expressing your view/perspective of what pure means to you: ie. clean; bare; free from taint; containing nothing that does not properly belong; free from moral fault/guilt.

"Selected works from the submissions received will also be published in our inaugural photography magazine Cornel/Henry Sees in the Winter of 2021."

My artist statement:
For millennia, artists have used the nude human form to represent that which is fundamental and pure about ourselves. In an increasingly urban and anthropocentric world, nudes in nature symbolize, more than ever, the part of ourselves that we have drifted away from. My work is a combination of these Edenic ideals, and nudes in urban settings, representing the wildness in ourselves that is present even in our concrete canyons, if we dare to express it.