Created 5-Jan-23
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For almost two centuries, night photography has captured the creative imagination. There is a long photographic tradition of capturing the scenes and moods of the night and low light. From the 19th century long exposures, to high-speed color films and digital technology, the subject of night has inspired many contemporary artists.
There is a certain psychology of the night. The night can be an incredibly suggestive time. Mystery, introspection, quiet or loud, and behaviors not abiding by the mainstream rules of the day, with the darkness useful for creating mystery or an unnerving atmosphere. Scenes we overlook during the day often take on a fascinating new appearance at night – in a literal or abstract way.
​Urban street scenes, portraits, documentary, landscapes, conceptual, still life … All subjects, genres, capture types, color or black & white are welcome for submission.
Show us life at night, the night’s effect on the mind, the body, the nature or the city, as well as self-expression afforded in times when most are asleep.

“Night does not show things, it suggests them. It disturbs and surprises us with its strangeness. It liberates forces within us which are dominated by our reason during the daytime.”
― Brassai

Participants names will be announced January 30th, 2023.

My approach:

To contrast the natural human body with the urban environment, I photographed Lillias at dawn on the Seattle waterfront, before most of the city was awake. I used slow shutter speeds and a tripod, relying on the warm ambient light of street lamps, and capturing the skyline, shops, and ferries in the faint light of early morning. I looked for settings with striking backdrops and a mix of warm yellows and cool blues, settings that would maximize the contrast and dissonance of a nude human figure in an urban setting.