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Created 15-Jan-22
18 photos
Photos entered for consideration in the Photographic Society contest "Man and Work," sponsored by the Photo Association of Serbia in Negotin, Serbia. The deadline is January 25, with selections posted by February 8 and projection from March 20-30, 2022.
Rest and Upheaval (Free Monochrome PIDM) (FIAP Honorable Mention)Old Roots (Face and Body PIDC) (Salon Praise)Clay (Face and Body PIDC) (Accepted)Exposed (Shadows PIDC) (Accepted)Form (Free Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted)Isaac's Angel (Free Color PIDC) (Accepted)Tatoosh Mirror (Free Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted)Tiger (Face and Body PIDC) (Accepted)Between old and new (Free Monochrome PIDM)Curves (Shadows PIDC)Duty Station (Free Color PIDC)Evening swim (Life Style PIDC)Feral (Free Color PIDC)Framed by Light I (Shadows PIDC)Light in the darkness (Shadows PIDC)Lookout (Face and Body PIDC)On the wall (Life Style PIDC)You have no power over me (Life Style PIDC)