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Created 29-Jun-22
3 photos
Photos submitted for consideration by the exhibit "Figuratively Speaking" at Artless Bastard Gallery in De Pere, Wisconsin. Closing July 1, 2022. Notice July 5 at 5pm CDT. Exhibit opens July 21 and closes August 20.

Abi Blue, photographed in Seattle in June 2021. What is a lover of wild nature to do when trapped in concrete canyons, but catch sun wherever you can?

Katlyn Lacoste, photographed in Mount Rainier National Park in March 2022. National parks promise us wild places untouched by the hand of man. But it is only in the off season when you can truly appreciate them in a natural state.

Dolly Mattel, photographed at Upper Crystal Lake in September 2021. If you're visiting Mount Rainier National Park in the autumn, keep an eye out for bares.
Off Season (Exhibited)Skinny Dipper (Exhibited)Catching Sun