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Created 24-Aug-22
11 photos
Photos submitted for consideration by the PSA salon Gold Camera in Montenegro, closing August 28, 2022.
- Closing date: 28 August 2022
- All judging completed by 16 September 2022
- Notifications sent by 30 September 2022
- On-Line Gallery posted by 15/09/2022
- Submit EDAS: 15 September 2022
- Catalogs posted by 30 November 2022
- Awards mailed by 30 November 2022
- Projections date: Ulcinj: 18/10/2022, Ada Bojana: 25/10/2022, during all working days.
The world comes apart (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted)Vernal light (Woman PIDC) (Accepted)Winthrop Glacier (Woman PIDC) (Accepted)Old roots (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted)Diane (Open Color PIDC) (Accepted)Exclusive (Open Color PIDC) (Accepted)Converge (Open Monochrome PIDM)Dance for the Earth (Open Color PIDC)Shasta (Open Monochrome PIDM)Survivor (Woman PIDC)Unveiled (Woman PIDC)