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Aspera (Action, Movement, Sport PJD)Between old and new (Open Monochrome PIDM)Calico (Portrait and Body PIDC)Elk herd in Ashford (Nature ND)Ephemeral (Street Life, Architecture, City Scape PTD)Eyes on the ball (Action, Movement, Sport PJD)Hidden figure (Open Monochrome PIDM)Lake Union (Photo Travel PTD)Leo, hooded (Open Color PIDC)Longmire Sunrise (Landscape PIDC)Making an entrance  (Action, Movement, Sport PJD)Monuments (Street Life, Architecture, City Scape PTD)Mother with a dragon tattoo (Open Color PIDC)Nisqually Vista Trail panorama (Landscape PIDC)Not fade away (Street Life, Architecture, City Scape PTD)On the job (Photo Travel PTD)Over the next hill (Photo Travel PTD)Saiko Lake (Photo Travel PTD)Sand shrimp (Nature ND)Schoolhouse Island (Landscape PIDC)