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Celebrating the Sacred Feminine - Honoring Women’s Herstory Month

Ludington Area Center for the Arts in Michigan
Event Dates: 3/3/23 - 3/31/23
Jury Dates: 1/24/23 - 1/31/23

Sacred Feminine is expressed throughout civilizations and cultures. It is the energy that connects us through our bodies to nature, and the cycles of transformation. Feminine energy gives form. It is the receptive, inner directed compliment to masculine energy which is active and outward. Each of us embodies both energies regardless of our gender expression.
Our patriarchal society favors action and force over receptivity and cooperation, logic over intuition, Me over We. The current rise of the Sacred Feminine includes the empowerment of women, the liberation of men from the burden of toxic masculinity and the restoration of balance within our society, our environment and ourselves.
The curators are interested in works that explore creative conceptualizations of the Sacred Feminine in its many forms, the dark, the light, political, social and natural world through all mediums.
Up to two works may be submitted through Cafe. Open to all artists regardless of gender orientation.
Keywords: feminine energy, mother earth, goddess, receptive, maiden, mother, crone, conception, reproduction, sexuality, sovereignty, empowerment, emotion, nurturing, awakening, alluring, wisdom, life force, intuitive, heart centered, compassionate, reflective, release, embrace, healing, environment

My Artist Statement:
I photographed Dominique Zuniga on an extraordinary evening at Valley of Fire in Nevada, when the sky was as ablaze with color as the sandstone formations. The more Dominique moved among the rocks, the more her skin became caked with dust, and the more she blended into the landscape, both physically and spiritually. We found womb-like crevices, which felt like places where a person might be reborn out of the rock, covered in the red blood of the earth (photo: “Rebirth”). As night fell and the sky caught fire, Dominique began to dance (photo: “Dance in the Light”), her Mexican and Persian heritage emerging in a swirl of movement, silhouetted against the sky, a celebration of life and connection to the natural world. That night was magical and spiritual. It felt less like we were capturing images, and more like we were co-creators with nature of something greater than ourselves.

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