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Den lille havfrue (Open Monochrome PIDM) (IAAP Diploma)Mother of shadows (Shadows PIDM) (Accepted)Connection (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted)Exposed (Shadows PIDM) (Accepted)Primal (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted)Ohanapecosh 215 (Woman PIDC) (Accepted)Barefoot on the Sound (Woman PIDC)Beach refuge (Open Color PIDC)Bubbles (Life PIDM)Cause and effect (Shadows PIDM)Center of the Universe (Woman PIDC)Feral (Portrait PIDC)Leo in the forest (Open Monochrome PIDM)Light in the darkness (Shadows PIDM)Masked beauty (Portrait PIDC)Skinny dipper (Life PIDM)Sounleip (Portrait PIDC)Still sexy (Portrait PIDC)The track not taken (Woman PIDC)